When I was little, and scared, my mum would  say “don’t worry, I put the monsters on the bus to North Vancouver”. It left a lasting impression about both public transit and North Van.

I like my car. It’s my own private space where I can listen to music too loud, talk to myself, or pick my nose. Sure I could do all that in the bathroom, but this way I get somewhere at the same time. Besides that, I don’t have to share space with strangers, or come up with exact change. Yes, car riding is a lovely, indulgent, incredibly selfish experience.

One of the last times I took the bus, I made sure I was doing everything right so I’d blend in. The driver asked me “so, your car in the shop?” Geez. Was I that obvious?

I’m sure I’ll be talking with my grandkids about my solo driving in a slightly embarrassed tone. It will likely fall into the same category as littering or smoking inside. “wait, you mean you each had your own gas burning car? And everyone was ok with that?”

I have a neighbour who rides his bike everyday – 20KM, each way, including a ferry and major bridge. Another friend, who is a top lawyer in Canada, buses into town. It’s not like they are pioneers or anything, but they are impressive role models for getting out of the driver’s seat.

I hesitate to commit in print to any change in behavior. Convenience is a damn hard habit to break. So, I think I’ll start by talking about it out loud.   Of course, if I do end up on the bus, what about all the monsters?