Desire. It’s a loaded word. I’m a big fan, but I don’t always trust it has my best interests at heart.

From Buddha to Jesus, there’s plenty of advice around to suggest that it’s not what it’s cracked up to be and the potential downside may not be worth all the effort.

I was reading an article about long-term relationships. The author suggested that true love can be a real buzz kill. The more we seek to support and nurture those closest to us, the less we’ll ‘want’ them. Even though it’s often desire that got us there in the first place. Go figure.

To toss it out all together seems very baby with bath water. Whether it’s creativity, business, or relationships, my best life experiences have started with that wonderful, crazy, irrational feeling that without which I might never have risked at all. That said, it has also been fraught with danger, disappointment, and failure.

It’s like the dog chasing the car. If racing alongside barking its head off isn’t enough, there is the whole catching it issue.   I wonder if ‘then what happens’ ever occurs to it?

Not wanting seems like the better bet. Less suffering, less unmet expectation, less potential mess to clean up in the aftermath. Desire and contentment don’t really make a good team, they have such a hard time understanding each other.

I asked a friend how he would describe the difference between desire and passion. “Passion gets you up in the morning, desire keeps you up at night”. I like getting up early, but I hate lying awake staring at the ceiling.