It’s the day before the day before. The time has past, and is come. Uncertainty and anticipation, anxiety and hope, fear and comfort, all rest together like the lion and the lamb.

Christmas is a reminder of all we have, and all we are missing. It reveals both our abundance, and our scarcity. It’s winter, we are now dependent on our earlier harvest.

The solstice has passed, we are on the other side now. Much like how it feels when we recover or resolve, the change to light is slow coming, almost imperceptible, but inevitable if we give it time.

That is what this Christmas is for me this year, a patient waiting for hope. The Advent story is a beginning, a foreshadow. We mine the story for signs, but it’s not really yet, it is to come.

I am so grateful for the warmth and joy of the season that is a harbinger welcomed in and entertained. Christmas is the rumour, the idea of what can be.

May we all know this anticipation, this beginning, this inevitability of hope.

Happy Christmas