I gotta quit the coffee. It’s not doing me any good, and I don’t need any more stimulation that what’s going on already in my brain.

But, man, it’s hard. I love the smell of the grinding beans, the French press, the signal that the day has begun. It’s as much a part of my morning ritual as getting out of bed.

Giving things up is hard. An addict friend said his deal was ‘I’ll stop on Monday”.  I totally get that, if I had a nickel for every time I decided to delete my Facebook.

I think my habits fall into the minor category of concern. They’re not that bad – which makes it even more difficult. It’s unlikely I’m going to be the subject of a family intervention over my morning cup of joe or evening glass of Pinot.

They are more distractions than problems. Of course, it begs the question – distracting from what? What’d be missing if I changed things up – other than the acid reflux or red wine headache? How would it be if I went off line after dinner or on weekends?

The only thing harder than stopping is starting. It’s not enough to shut down a questionable ritual, the point is to replace it with a healthy alternative. The best way I found to avoid going to the gym, was by buying a membership.

One starts by starting – as they say. It’s 8am and I’m still caffeine free, whaddya know. Let’s see what happens.