It’s dark in the morning now and I can hear rain on the roof. Summer’s fading fast and fall is making its presence known.

Summer is irrational. It’s a time to ditch the routine, shed the clothing, and enjoy long lingering nights, heat, water, outside. It’s all so loose and fluid. Fall arrives like the parents coming home. Enough of this nonsense, what do you think you’re doing? Put your clothes back on. It’s time to clean up this mess and get on with it.

As a fan of change, I welcome the new rhythm, even if it is a little uptight. The only thing I’m worried about is sliding back into the same old same old. These past months haven’t been so much time ‘off’, rather they’ve allowed space to think and consider what worked and what didn’t from the previous seasons.

I’m not content with the same pattern as before. There is opportunity for different, for better. Sure there’s some fear and risk – even if it’s that I can’t keep my resolve – but it’s worth a try.

As the day brightens now, my questions are: What matters? What have I put off? What do I want? What can I add? Where should I let go? What needs to change?

Sweater on, I’m stepping forward into these shorter days with both anticipation and apprehension of what is to come. Happy Autumn.