I am a believer in human induced climate change. I am against GMO’s. I think everyone should get vaccinations. Organic trumps conventional every time. I haven’t read one scientific article to back my claims.

I really don’t know what I am talking about. I mean, I have a pretty good idea, and I am taking my lead from people I really trust. But, at the end of the day, I am choosing to toe the line of a rhetoric that suits me and intuitively makes sense.

My newsfeed is self selecting. I don’t see stuff from the ‘other side’. Or if I do, it is so polarizing it’s easy to ignore. Facebook is just one step better than the comment stream in the newspapers for the lack of reasoned debate.

Last weekend I was at a conference where my local food, local investing hero, Woody Tasch spoke. He talked about stepping away from dichotomies. He encouraged the finding of more nuanced positions that seek inclusion and understanding rather than division. Success is not going to come from trying to win philosophical battles.

Then I read a couple of articles. The first by Michael Pollan, one of the foremost thinkers on agriculture and food, who suggested we may need many different systems such as conventional, organic, big and small – in order to properly feed our world. The second was by a very left wing journalist who found, after twenty years, she had been ardently following, to her detriment, the tenets of her chosen side of the spectrum. She was now seeking a more centrist view. And finally, just yesterday, out comes famed Bill Nye the Science Guy, saying he had changed his views on GMO’s!!

In Australia the farmer we were interning with would say “man loves an enemy”. He was talking about our view of weeds and pests, but it just as easily works when thinking about food, politics or the economy.

I really like my side of the divide, but I am having serious doubts that I’m right as often as I think I am.