I watched most of the Canadian leaders debate last night. I felt at times like a little kid standing in the living room watching my parents fight. I wanted to cry out “just stop yelling at each other, please!”

This was not three impassioned men who desperately believe in their vision for the future, this was one guy trying to best the other. They were vying for the twitter quote, the take down, the one liner.

They each bent the truth to suit their purpose. It was a reality TV version of politics. I began the evening with a chosen candidate, I ended undecided.

I am sure high school geography teachers are scrambling today because their planned class on reviewing the debate would prove meaningless from a learning perspective, unless they have a unit in uncivil discourse.

An event like a conversation about the economy among the three candidates who have the best chance at running the country should not elicit disdain from the electorate.

Each of those men left the stage smaller than when they arrived. They added nothing to the discussion, eroded confidence, and embarrassed themselves in the process.

Not only that but we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. If we do vote for the most reasonable choice, it’s likely that will cause the end result to be more of the same for the next four years.

We should all expect more and demand it. We want inspired leadership, not sound bite bullies who have no interest in listening.