The point is to stop telling the same story. The one that has made sense, and provided a convenient excuse these past years, but doesn’t really serve anyone – especially me.

Like any good script, my Christmas narrative has kernel of truth surrounded in myth. No need for any details, they’ll just fuel the fire of justification. Suffice to say, it’s time to toss that draft, and start again with a blank page.

I don’t think I am alone in my experience of this season. Heck, even the biblical account of a couple of homeless folks having a baby avoided the uncomfortable details and instead focused on shepherds watching flocks and guys bringing strange gifts. And don’t get me started on Santa. Spin is everywhere.

It’s less than a week before the allotted day. I am with my family, together for the first time in months. We’ve fallen into a routine around this holiday that some might call tradition or ritual. As my friend said yesterday “The Holland’s are here, it must be Christmas”.

It’s not as easy as just deciding. A big part of moving on from what was is figuring out the ‘why’ of it. What’s the emotion I’ve been wearing like a hair shirt? How come I resigned myself to it? Once in the light of day I find it quickly loses its grip. Like any good editor will tell you, don’t get married to the words.

I am now looking forward with open anticipation. I’ll say that again, I am looking forward to it. That’s the new story. There is still myth, but I’ve moved past the reversal of the second act, and am enjoying the redemption and resolution of the third.

With an open heart I can say Happy Christmas, and mean it. God Bless Us, every one.