Accept the things I cannot change.   Way easier typed than done, yet it’s probably demanded of me more than anything else. So much is outside of my control, but that doesn’t stop the flailing frustration of trying to make it different.

I’ll take on anything: people, situations, immutable laws of nature. There has to be a way to make things different from the way they are, there just has to. Maybe if I talk louder, work harder, make my point stronger, “push the envelope” as they say, things will change. Or not. Despite my best efforts, everything beyond my grasp, still is.

We grow carrots. They are a lot harder than they look. I do my best to create the environment to get the same results as the lovely photos everyone else posts. Instead ours come out stunted, hairy, or generally looking like they were planted beside a nuclear waste facility. No matter what I do, it’s up to the carrot themselves.

Humans are like vegetables. They do what they do, they are who they are. After fifty years you think I’d be used to that. I’d still like them to change, but so far I’ve had no luck. Of course that stands to reason since I can’t even make the gym with any regularity, and I promised myself I would cut down on the cheese, and well, that hasn’t happened.

I have an image of open hands – not holding on to anything but rather in a posture where I can receive. There is humility in realizing my place amongst things, among people. Most of the time I chase, I strive, I challenge, I try, but likely the hardest thing I do is accept.