I think Santa is the best thing that has happened to Christmas. We may be a divided people about our religions and beliefs, but when it comes to St. Nick we are in total agreement. It is imperative that, collectively, we dupe every kid under the age of six.

It really is astounding that even with the majority of us knowing better, the secret remains intact. Even children faced with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, still find some way to justify his existence.

And why not?

There is really no downside to believing. If you do you get toys, you get a distraction in the mall while shopping for boring stuff with mum, and you get some pretty cool stories and imagery. There is even no shame once you’ve figured it out – it’s not like you were an idiot for thinking he existed, you have now simply grown up.

Santa Claus embodies all that is good. I am not sure why when we are six we stop believing, but it may be that that is when we figure out it’s damn hard to be kind and generous even some of the time so there’s little likelihood someone could be that all the time.

But, maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to give up on the Jolly Red Elf. What if we kept believing there was such a thing as universal generousity? What if there was some reward for being good? How cool would it be to have a person for us adults to visit, in the mall, with whom we could talk to about our hopes and dreams, and then get our picture taken?

Really, give me one good reason why that is not a great idea? Because it isn’t true? Ha, I dare you to ask any five year old, I am sure they will beg to differ.