The blog I wrote yesterday was terrible. Never mind the whiny content, the structure and grammar were atrocious. I shouldn’t let that happen again. But, alas, there’s a very good chance it will.

Beyond involuntary bodily functions, I’m not all that consistent on a day to day basis. However, most mornings during the week I get up early and stare at a blank screen until words assemble themselves in a somewhat less than random order. The goal is to press ‘publish’ before 8am, but sometimes it slips to 9.

This is a personal commitment that I subject others to. The posting part helps with the accountability of getting it done.

I decided a while back that if I wanted to write I had to, well, write. So, I am biting off what I can chew –300 words, five days a week. It may expand beyond this, it may not. This is not a conscious means to any kind of end – it is, in and of itself, a practice of discipline and, at times, creativity.

It often doesn’t work. But, rather than the crappy writing being deleted or buried deep in my hard drive, I expose myself and put it on Facebook. What a maroon.

But, here’s the thing, there’s nothing I do that I do well all, or even much of, the time. From sex to skiing, it spans the continuum back and forth. The merit is first in the trying. I am half way there if I simply put fingers to keyboard.

An artist friend has tattooed on his forearm “shut up and paint”. He’s incredibly accomplished but still needs the indelible reminder to just get on with it.

So, there, or here, it is. I am writing. You are reading. Your patience is a good example for me to follow.