Lisa read me something by Richard Rohr. He’s a priest for folks who want to believe in God, but are tired of run of the mill religion.   He said “Instead of trying to think your way into a new way of living, live your way into a new way of thinking.”

I built a garden shed a while back. I got a free design off the internet. According to instructions I constructed the first wall – which when raised was about 2 feet higher than I wanted. So, I re-did the measurements. Soon I was doing the roof. The overhangs were way shorter than I had envisioned, but I couldn’t see that until they were up. It was then that I realized I don’t think well in three dimensions. I ditched the plan and made things up as I went along.

Living is risky.  It’s not how it appears on paper. Sometimes it’s way better, but not without the potential for failure, disappointment, and cost.

I remember skiing. I was stuck on the edge of a cliff – the way ahead seemed far too difficult, the way back impossible. The longer I stood there thinking the more fearful I became. The only solution was to go forward, which I finally did, and it turned out more than ok.

My thoughts on everything from marriage and raising kids, to starting a business, to growing a garden were all far different from the reality. It’s in the doing that ideas have evolved, shifted and changed. In my experience, there is no right time, or right way.

I was once told to stop thinking. How do I do that without thinking about not thinking? Maybe it’s by simply moving forward.