Friday the 13th. How’d it come to get a bad rap? Who makes these decisions? There are elevators in the city that jump from the 12th to the 14th floor.  Really? It is actually quite a lovely trait of us humans that we shape our worlds to manage perceptions of reality.

We were in Iceland. Every time the van drove over a cattle grate the guide honked his horn. After a few times I had to ask him why. “To alert the little people. They may be holding on to the bars and I don’t want to squish their fingers” he said with the straight face. “oh”. I responded.

I’ve gotten in trouble for whistling on a ship, or bringing a banana or umbrella on board. All bad luck or omens. Sure the origins of such things might have had a basis in the practical, but in the many days hence, only the rule remains.

God help you if you mention ‘that Scottish play’ on stage in a theatre.

We’re an odd lot. But, then again, it’s a pretty weird place in which we live – there’s so much we don’t understand. Everyday we are postulating why things are as they are, or aren’t. It makes sense that we can’t make sense of it all.

Today should be a special day to celebrate our collective unknowing and all the clever rituals we use to bring order to what at times feels like chaos. From crossing fingers to wishing on stars we are doing what we can to figure things out.

But, tell me this. How in the heck do they build a building and manage to skip the 13th floor? It is one of life’s little mysteries.