The compost tea workshop I am running this coming weekend has only one sign up. The organizer said they might cancel because ‘it’s not worth it’ for just one person. I beg to differ.

There is someone out there who decided all on their own to spend a morning with me learning about making millions of microbes for the soil – how can I disappoint them?

I like that they didn’t ask, ‘who else is going?’ Clearly they are independent thinking and self secure. Either that, or they have no friends and sign up for any course that shows up. They might ask me to keep to the time as they have crochet at 11:30.

I am not sure I’d have risked registering for my workshop by myself. I have never liked walking into a room for a meeting/class/event – and being the only one there. It feels awkward and seemingly calls into question my popularity and my discernment. If no one else is there, then it obviously isn’t any good – so what does that say about me?

It is such a relief when a second person finally arrives. I feel suddenly validated – at least I have a co-loser.

Of course, there is the whole other anxiety of why no one else signed up. Never mind being a participant on their own, what about an instructor with only one student? “Yah, I went, but when I saw I was the only one going, I figured the teacher must be a weirdo, so I ditched”.

I’m going to do the class simply because I’m now so curious about the person who is coming. Maybe we’ll become great friends. I mean, we already have something in common.